Hey, I'm James.
I'm a user experience designer based in Maine.

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Users are the heart of every product. Through user (and stakeholder) interviews, concept validation, and qualitative testing, let's make sure those users are getting the necessary value out of that product.

User Experience

Through flows, wireframes, and prototypes (and of course testing all ideas and iterating accordingly); let's develop an experience that users will love (or at least get through quickly so they can get on with their day).

Visual Design Systems

Yes, there are people that do both UX and UI (we're called unicorns). I love designing flexible, research-backed systems using atomic design principles, and working with cross functional teams to make them real.

How can you use technology to provide access to justice?

Research / UX / UI / Branding / Web App

Rentervention is a web-based chatbot with a heavy focus on accessibility that seeks to help low income renters in Chicago find answers about their housing problems. In initial user interviews, we determined that a large portion of the potential user base may not have regular internet access. But most have access to SMS, so a companion SMS chatbot was created. Currently in beta.

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What should a SaaS startup's standard toolset look like?

Research / UX / UI / Branding / Web App

Outseta was founded by three people who collectively spent a lot of time in early stage SaaS companies. They realized that nearly every SaaS start-up requires the same core set of software tools to cover their basic needs. I joined the team one year in, and have focused on honing the UX, UI, and customer experience. We've largely steered the development of the product over the past year through continuous feedback from trialers, active customers, and people who have tried and decided not to buy in.

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How can subscribers be given a more seamless experience?


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, up until just a couple years ago, had an area of severe disjointedness on their site. Subscribers could sign up for new plans, but if they wanted to make a change to an existing plan, they'd be directed to a PDF form to print, fill, and mail in. I worked with the team at Mojotech, and BCBSRI, to imagine and integrate plan change into the site.

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Why create a system within a system?

UX / UI / Design System

SAP's digital marketing campaigns division reached out to me to help them tie their campaign microsites more into the overall brand. They didn't have access to the templates and structures of the main site, and they needed more flexibility and features. I worked with them to design a comprehensive design system, to be built out in the Marketo platform, where they'd have a library of templates and modules to build any campaign microsite they could dream up.

What is a modern day Smithsonian?

Branding / Print Design

The Asian Pacific American Center is the newest addition to the Smithsonian Institution. I was asked to create a promotional booklet that established the branding for the museum and functioned as a tool for their funding phase. APAC is looking to establish themselves as a modern and tech-forward museum, and wanted the branding to reflect that position.

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Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

How early can parents get involved with literacy?

UX / UI / iOS

PUP Reading is a science-based approach to fostering early literacy from birth. First conceptualized as a printed book, I steered them in the direction of developing an app. In app form, the product could allow parents to continually check their child's progress, as well as act as a delivery system for targeted activities geared toward a specific child's strengths and weaknesses. Through regular conversations with parents of young children (the target user base) we worked together to design the features needed for MVP. Currently in development.

Why can't furniture be more personal?

UX / UI / Branding / Web App

LAMOU sells tables which can be customized with any image you want. I helped them design an e-commerce website that features at it's core a custom table builder application. Customers can now create a custom table just about as easily as they can create business cards on Moo.com, either using their own uploaded designs, or choosing something inspiring from the gallery of curated images.

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Currently in Portland, Maine